OH FRIENDS. Still here...but barely! I have a HUGGGGE announcement coming soon that will explain the craziness and lack of post but until then let's RECAP!

OKKKKKKKAAYYYYY so ever since I moved to Alabama everyone has been telling me about this place called "Seaside" in Florida. LET ME JUST SAY......this place is STUNNING!  It's a designers dream. The simplistic modern aesthetic of these tiny beach towns on 30A are incredible.  My best friend Sarah and I take a trip every year around our birthday's being that we are exactly a month apart. This year is our GOLDEN YEAR and we wanted to go BIG! We are doing a trip to Bali this summer, but we still wanted to celebrate! Seaside was the perfect place to do it and I can't wait to share our time there with you! I probably have three more post but for now we are starting with DONUTS...what else?

Ok so as you can see in the pics.... the donut truck was SOLD OUT. So sad, but we found a donut place called " the donut hole" that did just the trick! Sarah and I stayed right between Alys beach & Rosemary Beach. It was a dream to walk around Alys! I went with a casual pair of lace shorts that were my staple last summer and an off the shoulder top. It truly felt like we were overseas when walking around this place and I would recommend it to anyone! The perfect getaway!  




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