the blog


THE journey.

Fear. It’s left me hesitant, self-conscious and in a standstill for four years. This little blog-site that I've been teasing has been on my heart since I first launched one the summer after my senior year of college. I was entering the Kanakuk Institute and it was a requirement for school. I left my heart on those pages and then well, life happened. It expired and so did those desires. I relaunched in December of 2014 as a young freelance creative, but with a boot-legged squarespace site, barely any content & not enough drive to keep it going.

I had dreams and plans of relaunching a year ago. Photoshoots were done and plans were executed, but once again life happened. This time, I saw God’s purpose in the waiting. I needed a season of building roots and spending time with community. It was my fourth move in 3 years and my heart yearned for people. This last year has been one of the most precious seasons I’ve ever lived, and I'm so thankful I put this blog-site on hold so that I could be fully present in my relationships and career.

But here I am. Eager to share my heart and passions, and try to inspire you to do the same! Fear has been the one thing that has kept me from putting all this out there. My heart is now on a screen for anyone to read & criticize as they wish...but Jesus died on a cross to save my soul from any fear at all. His love completely casts it out. I feel clearly called to use my gifts to build the kingdom and if you get anything from my very little spot on the internet, behind the clothes, adventures & ink...I pray that it’s hope. I pray that you will see Jesus and are inspired to go after the things that make your heart explode. We have been created for an abundant life, and I’m not gong to tuck these dreams away any longer. And if you're still reading this.... I encourage you to do the same!